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Antique Pool Billiard Table Restoration Repair

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Wendt (Niagara)


Wendt was one of the few manufacturers with a national, rather than a regional presence to survive the Brunswick-Balke-Collender domination of the billiard industry after the turn of the century (1900).


Most notable were their Arts and Crafts and Mission styled tables. Wendt ceased in 1942, absorbed by A. E. Schmidt Co. of St. Louis, which remains today one of the last American billiard manufacturers.


Stylistically, their extra-deep cabinets gave them a massive presence and their construction was correspondingly substantial.


The six-leg table shown here is the “Niagara”. It is quarter-sawn oak and employs celluloid inlay pin-striping.


It is shown unrestored and is available for restoration.

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