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Antique Pool Billiard Table Restoration Repair

Restoration and Repair Services


Some of the most personally rewarding jobs we do are the restorations of family heirloom tables.  There are many variations in the history of these tables, but a common story is that “dad” or “grandpa” brought the table home in the 1940’s or 50’s or 60’s.  It was not in great shape then, and it has languished in the basement for many years collecting dust and sometimes moisture, but there are fond memories of games played on it long ago.


“Wouldn’t it be nice to restore the table and pass it on to another generation?”  and “Wouldn’t that be a great tribute?”



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"…Thank you, thank you both!  You did an absolutely spectacular job bringing my old lady back to life.  You did a job which can stand alongside the very best antique furniture restorers, and I am almost beyond belief in my admiration of the work you did…." - M .H.  Greenwich, CT

"We just drove up to Massachusetts after a large turkey meal, and we ran downstairs to look at the pool table.  It looks great!  Marvelous job- delighted to offer a product testimonial.  It is hard to believe that it is the same pool table! …many thanks for your caring craftsmanship on something that has tremendous sentimental value."
- S. W. - Great Barrington, MA

Sometimes these are difficult, lengthy restorations because the tables are in rough condition and it’s sentimental value that inspires the project and makes it feasible.  Restoration is not quick, nor is it inexpensive, so we don’t recommend our clients have a table restored with the intent of selling quickly at a profit, but you can end up with a well- restored antique at a reasonable price that you have a personal attachment to and can keep in the family.


We refer to these projects as “outside tables” in the sense that they are not tables that we own and are selling.  Because we do all our own work, these projects are taken in with the understanding that we must give priority to the tables we sell, and “outside tables”find their way in and out of the shop as our schedule permits. So, patience is required, but we promise that the time will be very short relative to the 50 years that the table has been waiting for someone to rescue it!  Send us some photos of your family heirloom table and we’ll have a conversation.


As our schedule permits, we also do less extensive repair and service work, particularly for former clients or if the work is such that it requires our expertise in antique tables.





Don & Dave,

Beautiful Job!!  Your professionalism & honesty is cherished.  Enjoy Good Health!!  Hope to
see you again.

Bill M
Windsor Locks, CT

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