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Our Reproduction Billiard Lamp

This lamp is patterned after an old original. It is custom made for us one at a time in a local lamp shop. The metal shades are also hand- made by a “tin knocker”, and then custom painted by us. Metal shades were traditionally white inside to reflect light down, and green outside, but we can paint them other colors at your direction. Cased glass shades are also available in green, white, and butterscotch. These too are white inside.


Lamps can be made for a nine or either size of eight foot table. The stem is cut to accommodate your ceiling height. An internal steel skeleton allows for the traditional slender design. Many small touches like the use of old style switches, chemically aged patina, and the use of cloth wire where visible give this lamp a completely authentic feeling.


Our standard patina is a chemical darkening of the brass as would occur with age.  It is not an applied faux finish.




Optional Black Patina


Cased Glass Shades

Tin Shades

Glass shade lamp - $1300 / handmade, painted tin shade lamp - $1500

Price includes packing.  Please add $50 for tin shade lamps and $75 for glass shade lamps to help defray cost of shipping and adequate insurance as Fed Ex & UPS now use “dimensional weight” and our shipping costs have more than doubled.


Glass shades come in green, butterscotch, and white  / handmade tin shades are painted to order, usually antique white inside and rubbed green out


lengths for 7ft., std. 8ft, os 8ft, and 9ft. tables

stem cut for your ceiling height - possible upcharge for ceilings over 10 ft.


Standard patina included. Black patina, lacquered bright brass, or nickel plating-POR


Lamps shipped Fed Ex Ground


Sales tax applicable to NY shipments only


Lamps are made to order, so call for lead time




Antique Originals


We started making our faithful reproduction lamp because actual antique lamps are so scarce and hard to come by. Compared with the tables themselves, the lamps were far more fragile and disposable and fell victim to “modernization".


Occasionally we do come by old original lamps and below is what we have at the time of this writing.



Unrestored antique lamp - 8” tin shades, solid welded link chain

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