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Leather Pocket Parts
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The three main wear items that you need to pay attention to in order to keep your old pool table functional are the cloth, the cushions, and the pockets.

The cloth is the most obvious – everyone knows when the cloth is ripped or bald from wear, it’s time for a new one – and there are billiard mechanics most everywhere that you can call on to change the cloth and tune up your leveling.

The second most obvious thing to pay attention to is the rubber cushions.  If the ball goes “THUNK” and dies a short distance off the rail, the game isn’t much fun.  Changing the cushions (especially on an old table) requires another level of expertise since the EXACT height of the cushion nose and the angle and width of the pocket openings are critical.  Finding an experienced mechanic is important.


The third thing is the pockets - and this bridges the gap between maintenance and restoration.  It’s maintenance because you can still play pool just fine if the legs are missing some of their veneer – but if the balls are falling on the floor, that requires immediate attention!



It is important to realize that there are different kinds of irons – some more common than others.


One of the first things I look at on an old table is to see if it has its original, correct irons as they contribute a lot to the look and character.


For this reason, it is important that you insure your originals when sending them to us as replacing them could be difficult or expensive.


You will preserve the authenticity and value of your table by keeping your original irons and replacing the leather as needed.  New replacement irons may not fit quite right – or not at all.

Pockets bridge between maintenance and restoration because you can just keep the balls off the floor – or restore the pockets to their original glory.

We can do anything from a simple attachment of

 new baskets to a complete re-sewing job including  the iron cover, reinforcing leather, inside pocket trim and slate trim, outside shield or fringe and the basket.

We can even arrange to have your irons re-nickeled if they were originally. Send us a photo of your pockets as they are now and we can discuss the range of options.

We supply the needed parts to other restorers, re-furbishers, and do-it-yourselfers, and we also offer sewing and assembly services on your irons.

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