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Antique Pool Billiard Table Restoration Repair

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Before & After


Confidence in Your Restorer.


These photos represent one of our most dramatic “before and after” transformations and we show them to make the point of how important the quality of the restoration is to the finished product.


It is only natural when considering the purchase of an antique pool table, and confronted (maybe for the first time) with the myriad of styles and shapes and colors and degrees of ornamentation that exist – to first ask “which one do we want?”

Then, having narrowed the choice down to a few, it is an obvious next step to see who has these models - and it naturally follows to then compare prices.


What we feel is often not realized enough is that the restoration is a very big percentage of the finished product and that the same model table restored by different shops can and will come out very differently. The restoration can easily be more important to the finished product than the original condition.


The “devil is in the details” and the range of care and effort in how one approaches the many aspects of the work is great. The cushions, the pockets, the geometry, the structural stability, the veneer repair and re-gluing, the ivory and other inlays, the staining and finishing and attention to aesthetics, and on through to the installation and leveling – All of these lend themselves to varying degrees of skill and competence and care.


Clients are different also, and some have more of an eye for and a concern for quality and detail than others, but it is important to have confidence in your restorer because it is more common than not to agree to the purchase of a table prior to its restoration. There may be a trade-off between finding a table already done and waiting to have one done especially for you, taking into account your preferences and priorities.


The table shown here, nicknamed “Miss Lilly”, spent her youth in a New Mexico saloon in the late 1800’s and was passed down through the family. We found her in that same town, slowly deteriorating toward oblivion till we rescued her. The couple who purchased “Miss Lilly” saw her in the unrestored state and had the imagination and enough confidence in us to commit to the project.  They were not disappointed.  In fact, the most common comment we get when we deliver a table is that is more beautiful than expected.


Any good restorer will be glad to tell you how they do things and why. It is also good to know who does the work and where it’s done and how long is typically spent on a table. If possible, a visit to the shop is ideal to see if it is a “good fit”, but conversation by phone and email and samples through the mail can be good communication as well. We have met many of our clients for the first time when we showed up at their door with their table; and it’s great to see their relief and excitement when the pieces of their restored table start to emerge from the packing blankets!


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