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J. E. Came "Grecian"


During the Golden Age of Billiards, every small city had their billiard maker and larger cities might have several. In Boston, J. Magann, Oliver Briggs, J. W. Goodman, Goodman-Leavitt-Yatter, and of course J. E. Came, come to mind.

Regional characteristic developed, I imagine as workers moved from one factory to another. A good example of this is the Black diamond rail sight used by both Briggs and Came.


From what I have seen, Oliver Briggs and J. E. Came appear to have been the major Boston makers. Over the span of their existence, J. E. Came produced tables across the whole spectrum of plain to elaborate and some of the most fantastic tables I have seen have been from J. E. Came.



massive corner block in cabinet

serial # on brass pocket irons & cabinet

The adjectives “rare” and “unique” are over-used in description of antique pool tables and though they certainly apply here, (this is the only one of this model I have ever seen), the word that keeps occurring to me for this table is “elegant”.

The term “Grecian” is used for identification purposes. It seemed appropriate given the perfect proportions, but if anyone can supply the real name for this model, We’d be happy to know it.


The “as found” condition is excellent. The table is very original and complete. Note that even the brass pocket irons bear the serial number of the table on the underside and the nameplate is a wonderful original Came that I have not seen before. All in all, this is an exceptional table.

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