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Iron Collender


In the 1860’s Michael Phelan was responsible for the development of the pool table as we know it today, and with his son-in-lay formed the Phelan-Collender Company in New York City.  They developed and held the patent on vulcanized rubber cushions which allowed the popularity of the game to skyrocket.


In the 1870’s ornamental cast iron was popular.  Brunswick & Balke made a couple versions of tables with iron legs and wood cabinets – the most well known of which is the Lion-based Monarch.  Collender made iron tables too, some with wood cabinets and some, like the “Imperial” shown here in iron from floor to rails.  These tables are rare as rare can be.  One theory is that they were produced in small numbers to start with and then melted for scrap in the two world wars.

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