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Butterfly & Fish


We have seen the Benedict Butterfly table before in a couple versions – some with Mahogany background and some with Rosewood.  The number of butterflies in the design has also varied -  some with two butterflies and some with six.


This table adds thirty-six “fish” to the six butterflies!  I call them “fish”, but they are really some sort of mythological porpoise-fish-dragon creature – four on each leg and two on each long side panel below the center pocket.


This table is different than any other of the Benedict Butterfly tables that we have seen in that it’s background wood is highly figured Bird’s-Eye Maple, inlaid with Rosewood and Mahogany.  The berries and the fish’s eyes are dyed green Holly.


We can replicate the missing cabinet skirts using patterns from our other butterfly tables, which all used the same pattern, varying the wood species.


A unique feature is the heavy cast-iron inner corners which hold the cabinet sections and legs together.  These were used on early Collender tables as well as some early Benedicts – for this reason, we feel this is the oldest Butterfly table we have had.



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