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Benedict Butterfly - Rosewood Background


Shown here are  two Benedict “Butterfly” tables we were lucky to have the privilege of restoring. The inlay patterns are similar, though not identical, and as with most inlaid tables the big variation is in the roles assigned to the various woods – one of these having a rosewood background and the other mahogany.


Benedict was a manufacturer of significance in the Syracuse, NY area. Their designs were artistic, tasteful, ornate, and eccentric. Their inlay patterns are unique in that they are more representational -vines draping through rings and recognizable flora and fauna.


Their legs are a signature design and their carved tables are High East Lake style.


We have a special affinity for these tables and consider ourselves “the Benedict Experts”. Because they were a regional company and we are geographically close to their area of origin, we have had the privilege of restoring several of these tables and “know them” probably better than anyone. We procure them whenever possible, though this is difficult, as these tables cast a spell on their owners. We do have a few Benedicts in unrestored inventory.

We currently have a Mahogany Butterfly available for restoration in inventory.  The only difference between it and the mahogany one shown here is that our current table boasts a total of 6 butterflies instead of 2!

The challenge in restoring these and other inlaid tables is to reintroduce the vibrancy and definition that has been lost to fading through time.  This is done through a tedious process of involving tiny brushes and alcohol dyes.

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