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BBC "Southern"


The “Southern” was an 1890’s, and into the early years of the 20th century, offering from Brunswick-Balke-Collender.  A “country cousin” to Brunswick’s high-end carved offerings, the “Jewel” and the” Chicago”, with which it shared a basic leg shape, the catalog proclaims the “Southern” to be “deservedly popular” with “cigar stores, barber shops, etc.”.  The “Southern” also shares with the “Jewel”  a wide vertical molding along the bottom of the cabinet which gives the table a distinctive silhouette and stance. It is always seen in quarter-sawn oak and frequently in eight foot as well as nine.


Shown on this page are two of our previous “Southern” restorations. We currently have a nine foot, quarter-sawn oak  BBC “Southern” in inventory, available for restoration.



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