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BBC Rochester


Shown here are two or our previous “Rochester” restorations.  The Rochester was produced in oak and mahogany.  We currently have a nine foot oak Rochester in our available to restore inventory.


The “Rochester” was part of a family of tables produced by Brunswick-Balke-Collender  distinctive for their serpentine leg and ogee curve cabinets.  The “Pfister”  retained the Victorian love for detail and embellishment with its carving.  The “Rochester” – initially introduced as the “Improved Pfister”  - did away with the ornamentation in order to make the form of the table the sole focus.  The other member of this family was the “Marquette” which substituted an Arts and Crafts geometric inlay as a more timely embellishment.


All of these tables represented the highest quality of construction, with massively heavy cabinets, and quarter-panel construction double-bolted at all eight joints.  The design was very innovative and a clear break from the Victorian style in that the legs went all  the way up and were integrated into the cabinet.  These serpentine leg tables are among the most sculptural of antique billiard tables, managing to be massive, powerful and graceful at the same time.


At this writing, a quarter-sawn Oak Pfister is currently available for restoration

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