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BBC "Regina and Regent"


The “Regina” is at home in Arts and Crafts environments. This class of table is known as the “Semi-Jumbo” coming a generation after the “elephant leg tables such as the Kling. The flair leg and straight frame, a ball return system, and mahogany or walnut background with inlay are typical of these tables.


We have several straight-leg and flair-leg models from the 20’s and 30’s in inventory. These are handsome tables with an old style men’s club feel and a more modest price than their fancier predecessors.

The “Regent” is a generation earlier version of the “Regina”.  The Regent has what is known as “Jumbo” construction, similar to the Brunswick Kling and Arcade.  These are the heaviest tables Brunswick made.  Unlike the straight taper of the Regina, the Regent has the “elephant” leg shape similar to the Kling with the bell-curve near the bottom.


At this writing, we have both a Regina and Regent in inventory available for restoration.  Our Regina is ball return.  The Regent is pocket with “convertible rails” for setting up table as either pool or carom (no pocket billiards).


Both Regina and Regent are Mahogany veneer with tulipwood inlay.

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