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Antique Pool Billiard Table Restoration Repair

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Antique billiard restoration with respect for detail and sensitivity

to the character of the old table.


Antique Table Sales:


Bankshot has an inventory of some 70 tables, primarily from the “Golden Age” of Billiards (1870 – 1920) when pocket billiards rivaled baseball as our national pastime.  Table styles followed the trends of the day, so there are High Victorian, Simplified Victorian, Eastlake, Empire, Arts and Crafts, Mission, Art Deco and so on.  Brunswick, J. E. Came, Oliver Briggs, Wendt, Babcock and Benedict are among the makers represented in our inventory.


We restore our tables to order, in our own shop, taking into account the preferences of our clients.   Everything about an antique table – its playability, aesthetics, authenticity – depends on the quality of its restoration.  The restoration can easily be more important to the finished product than the original condition and as important to your enjoyment of the table as the initial choice of model.


Our combined 40+ years’ experience as billiard mechanics and our backgrounds in Fine Arts assures our tables will be beautiful to look at and play beautifully.


We personally deliver our restored antiques nationwide, eliminating concerns of shipping damage and insuring a precise and careful installation.

Custom New Tables

by A. E. Schmidt

A. E. Schmidt Table Sales:


Bankshot has had a relationship with A. E. Schmidt of St. Louis since 1987.   Schmidt has been part of the American billiard industry for six generations and is one of the last makers to produce rather than import.  Schmidt tables are made to order so you can have as much input as you like – from stain color to wood species to the basic design!  Or you can keep it simple - There are 30+ current models and Schmidt is always designing new models to keep up with the latest trends.  Tables are available in all the sizes - seven, home eight, pro eight and nine.

Bankshot provides delivery and installation of A. E. Schmidt tables throughout New York and neighboring states.


We know Schmidt to be the best-built, nicest looking and finest playing table produced today.  We would sell nothing else alongside our antiques.

Restoration and Repair Services:


We take in “heirloom” tables, so that you can restore your family’s antique table to its former glory and pass it along to the next generation.


We do service work for former clients and, as our schedule permits, take occasional repair jobs that require our particular expertise.


Restoration & Repair

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