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Antique Pool Billiard Table Restoration Repair

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York model in solid Alder


The table shown above is one of our previous restorations - the “York” style by Sanford-Bell & Lahm.  Today, solid furniture is generally considered an upgrade from veneered (partially because most current veneered furniture is not over solid wood) – But in the 19th century, veneer was the upgrade. The more modestly priced tables were constructed from solid, glued-up oak, chestnut or alder  (poplar) and heavily finished to resemble oak or mahogany in color. The more expensive tables were veneered in woods too fancy for solid construction – quarter-sawn oak, bird’s-eye maple, rosewood, mahogany, walnut, etc.  Solid wood tables were destined for more utilitarian uses such as barber shops and small pool parlors, not the exclusive clubs or formal billiard rooms of the well-to-do.  We show this table to illustrate how handsomely these solid wood tables can turn out when finished with care and sensitivity.

The “York” (BBC’s model name) style is similar to the “Narragansett” - the main difference being the legs.         The York legs were much thinner and a straight taper, like an upside-down witch’s hat. The Narragansett leg was more barrel-like. York legs were an 1870’s and 80’s profile, while the Narragansett legs were very 1890's.

Another of our previous restorations – A veneered Quarter-sawn Oak version of the York style by Oliver Briggs.     The finish on this table is also notable – it is Danish Oil as opposed to varnish.  This oil gives the table a rougher, more unrestored look.

At this writing, we, we have a 9’ Brunswick-Balke-Collender “York” in Oak – available for restoration.

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