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Antique Pool Billiard Table Restoration Repair

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The “Universal” (circa 1895) was part of a family of “pagoda-leg / boat-frame” tables produced by Brunswick-Balke-Collender. It was common for Brunswick to make ‘families’ of similarly styled tables with slight differences moving from simpler models to ones with more embellishment and sometimes structural enhancements on the more expensive models.


The Universal featured nice deep egg & dart moldings and panels that stood out from the cabinet above the legs. These distinguished the “Universal” from other models such as the “Challenge” and “Delaware”.


The table shown is one of our previous restorations. It is a 9 foot quarter-sawn oak table done in a cherry finish. The quartered-oak lends itself to a variety of stain options, not only in color choice, but also subduing or enhancing the oak grain through stain opacity.


We have available for restoration: a 9’ table in oak just like the one pictured as well as an 8’ (46” x 92”) and an additional 8’ Universal in mahogany.


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