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Brilliant Novelty


Tables produced by J.M. Brunswick and Balke and later Brunswick-Balke-Collender with the word “novelty” in the name shared two characteristics. The legs were turned 45 degrees to the cabinet and the cabinet corners above the legs were “scooped out” to create an area in the shape of a pointed arch, resulting in tables with a very distinctive silhouette and stance.


The “Brilliant Novelty” was one of the most popular of these tables and lived up to its name as a joyful expression of High Victorian style.


The table pictured above is one of our previous restorations – Rosewood background.  French Walnut and Padauk background tables (also our previous restorations) are shown below.


Woods typically employed in the Brilliant Novelty are: Rosewood, Maple, Mahogany, Ash Burl, French Walnut, Tulipwood, California Laurel, Ebony and Holly among others.  Because of the number of woods and the different roles they play in the design, Brilliant Novelty tables tend to be quite individual.

At this writing we have a pro-eight (46 x 92 playing area) and a nine (50 x 100 playing area) available for restoration.


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