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Antique Pool Billiard Table Restoration Repair

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Benedict (Waterfall Walnut)


Restoring these tables is a bit of archeology.  We had already stripped a small portion of this table to get a better look at the inlaid areas, but were amazed by the beauty of the walnut background. Initially identified  as “Waterfall Walnut” , we sent some photos to our veneer house for their opinion and they came back with the term “Drape Walnut”.

You will see several Benedict tables throughout our website.  Benedicts rank at the top of our list of favorites and we are fortunate that they were manufactured in our geographical area of upstate New York.


Benedict did not make plain utilitarian tables.  Some of their tables are more elaborate than others, but all of their tables are expressions of a refined aesthetic.  Benedict was different from most manufacturers in another important way in that the majority of their production was not in the larger nine foot sized tables, but rather in the smaller pro eight (46 x 92 playing area) and in the “home 8” (44 x 88 playing area).  This table is a 44 x 88.


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